5 Effective Ways to Syndicate Your Articles

Although articles are a highly effective way to promote your business, saloton it’s not enough to write good articles. You need to seek every possible promotional opportunity there is.

The advantage of the internet is that there are a lot more opportunities for you to publish your articles. You may also syndicate them to sites that use RSS feeds.

If you want more traffic, ashkelon10 and more sales from your articles, you may want to consider using these techniques to help you market.

1. Drip your articles into the article directories.

You’ve probably heard about the duplicate content penalty. As an article writer, you don’t need to be concerned with this. Your job is to syndicate.

To get the most from your article writing submissions, spread out the submission of the article. Surfers read articles; search engines don’t.

When you spread out the submission of your article, it’s more likely to go viral. The reason is your article won’t be seen thousands of times on thousands of sites. Your article will be seen more over time allowing you to get more traffic.

There are plenty of services out there to help you do this, gavison-medan and you can even automate your submissions. Don’t stop there though.

2. Find ezines that accept articles.

There are thousands, possibly millions of ezine publishers who want good content for their ezines. By submitting to ezines, you are opening up a new market for your articles.

Many who might not normally see your article because they don’t visit article directories now have a chance to read your article and get to know you.

3. Look for websites that accept articles.

This is different from submitting to article directories. There are tons of websites out there on just about every topic you can imagine.

What these sites all have in common is that they’re authority sites in their respective fields. These sites will have a page rank of five or better.

Look for a submission form on the website. Check the page rank. Although sometimes you may have to submit an original article that you can’t post anywhere else, betabaatzo it’s well worth it because syndication isn’t a one shot deal.

4. Look beyond the internet to print.

According to Amazon, there are 80,000 magazines in their catalog. I’m sure there are a whole lot more. If you really want to give your article some legs and have the cachet of having a print credit, shayarilo pitch it to a trade magazine on your topic.

Rewrite your article, polish it, and then submit. You’ll have customers with money in hand coming to you. Consider newspapers as another viable source of publishing.

5. Do social syndication.

There are plenty of article writers who will tell you not to include your article on your website. I believe that when you fail to include your articles on your site, you’re really doing a disservice to your readers.

Add your article to your website, especially if you have a blog. Post to Twitter, Friend Feed, and sites like that.

Syndication as widely as possible is key to your success in article writing. It’s a

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