It’s All About the Content: Generating Sales with Articles and Newsletters

Everyone who’s online today seems to be interested in selling something, whether it’s a product, kms auto a service, or just information or space for advertising. There’s nothing wrong with that; in many ways, the Internet is the greatest sales engine ever invented.

What many web designers don’t realize is that it’s not the bells and whistles, dryer repair san diego the fancy Flash animation, or the great graphics that draw customers to a website. Instead, it’s all about the content.

The Internet is, first and foremost, a text-based technology. You read it. You may look at the pictures, and you may laugh at the animations, but the things that compel you to click on them, outdoor living to wonder what else is here to inform you, or to purchase an item are generally the words that are written on the screen.

Instead of being seduced by the flash and the bang, 插花,花藝 consider letting your words do the talking for once, and generate some sales with articles.

Using Articles To Interest Customers

One of the best ways to get people to buy stuff from you is to get them to trust and like you. And one of the best ways to do this on the Internet is to write articles and post them online for your customers to enjoy and use. Besides this, once you’ve written an article, 生意頂讓 you have instant recognition. Even if you didn’t write it but actually purchased it, your name on an article instantly transforms you into an expert.

That’s not the only secret of the written word. Large companies like Hewlett-Packard and IBM know something many small vendors don’t: when you get people to write stuff about you, fancy name you’re giving yourself instant sales mojo. When you’ve written something, that’s nice; but when you’ve been written about, that’s magic.

So here’s a new idea: instead of just exchanging links with other vendors you have a relationship with, why not exchange mutually-admiring articles? You post an article on your website referencing the other vendor and talking about how well his or her products work with yours, and they can do the same. If you write it in all sincerity, and he does the same, silentdiscopamp you’re both going to drive extra traffic to each others’ sites.

There are dozens of methods like this you can use to get your customers more interested. One is using your articles to inform them about a new product that they may not yet be aware of. Another is to talk about a nifty item that’s just a slow mover, or to discuss one that is coming up on a seasonal popularity boost.

Or you can just write plain old informational articles, being certain to reference items that you sell on your site. For instance, if you have a gardening site and you want to talk about the right way to plant bulbs, you can set up links inside the article or as a sidebar to places your reader can go on your site to order the bulbs, special measuring tools, or protective cloths for their newly-planted garden.

Using Newsletters to Sell Your Products

Newsletters are very similar to articles resting out on your site, with one exception: the customers on your site are already there and more likely to be in a mood to buy. Customers reading your newsletter are those who showed up months or even years ago, filled out a form, and have been reading your information ever since. The trick here is to get them to come to your website.

Treat newsletters like you’d treat advertising in a newspaper. Use coupons to push sales. Talk about special deals on specific products, or discuss items that can only be purchased on your website.

Above all, use your newsletter to reference further information on your website. By pushing your newsletter readers to your website, you have taken them one step closer to the “purchase” button, which is what you really want from them. And once on your website, they may rediscover everything they liked enough about it to sign up for the newsletter to begin with. For more info please visit here:-

Finally, don’t be afraid to sell a little advertising on your newsletter. This will generate a little more income for you, and may result in more sales on your site as well if you’re careful to sell the advertising mostly to vendors who already work with you.


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