Basics of Investigation – Following Leads in the News

Remember the starting place in How to follow Leads? Here is the reminder – Ask yourself what do I know about the person? Do you have a name and an age, accounting and you know where he once lived? Do you know where he went to high school or college? Does he possess any professional license(s)?

So you check out the search box at the Be Your Own Detective blog. It gave you a list of names with age, and city – but you are not sure enough to ask for the report. You really don’t want to spend the money for the report just yet. You don’t have time to search the public records yourself search by search – this could take possibly weeks. Where else can I turn?

Well, if you have ever tried to hide in plain sight, the next source of information may be obvious to you, but not to everyone. Look in the news. Have you tried vpxco searching news sources for your subject? Now if your subject has a common name, you may have pages and pages of news to cull. If the name is at least a bit unique – then you can have better luck.

So you say.”I Googled the name – doesn’t it check news sources?” Yes and no. There is something about Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines that attempt to give you relevance optoki that tends to “skip over” news articles. Now your subject may not have been in the news recently, so if that is the case he will not be there. I have often found people in the news articles that did not show up in a regular Google search. So when you conduct that search, also click on the news tab – just in case. That way you can get a name and location and more information on that person. Once you have that, you may feel more comfortable about newsheater following up with the paid report.

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