Misconceptions About the Property Agent

Realtors are sometimes labeled the ‘bad guys’ in the sale or purchase of property. One of the reasons why this is the case is because the process of selling/buying can be complicated, animeloved often shrouded in mystery in the eyes of an average person. Property agents are often advanced as only being interested in making a sale without taking into consideration the interest of their clients. However, inpix many property agents seek to create long-term relationships with their clients, in addition to creating good experiences for them. While some of the misconceptions may not be untrue, they certainly do not pertain to everyone. Some common misconceptions often leveled against real estate agents include: bocoranadminriki

· Being a property agent is easy

The role of an agent is often advanced as that of placing open houses on the market and waiting for attractive offers to start streaming in. However, being a good agent is challenging. This hard work requires time, knowledge on the industry and commitment. An agent will do everything in their capacity to advertise, set prices and close in deals in record time – they do this before they get their paycheck for any work. Many of them work overtime to close transactions. They receive calls during weekends and nights from interested buyers to visit the site of the property and to negotiate. splitacdubai

· Property agents get rich from making a kill on commissions

It is true that some of the agents make money through unfair practices, but is not true for everyone in the industry. The average commission varies depending with the prevailing market variables. Sometimes it can be as low as 6% of the property’s sale price. The commission is often split between the seller and buyer’s agent, kjro who in turn need to share it with their brokers. Property agents work free until they sell the property. Therefore, although they receive a big payout, they work most of the time for months without a regular paycheck. An average agent can make $40,000 for working 40 hours every week. Those who end up receiving more money are generally the ones who sacrifice more hours working hard. florbiz

· Property agents simply brag about their experience & knowledge of the market/industry

In order to be a successful property agent, you need to have lots of knowledge. Most of this knowledge is obtained through training, qau continuous education and years of experience. It is paramount for every agent to constantly study the markets to keep abreast with the trends. When a real estate agent shares their knowledge, they are in effect providing you with important information to make an informed decision. lytron


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