Black Cruise Week Events Have Exploded Over The Last Decade And Are Selling Out

While most participants attend any cruise events based upon dates, book a cruiselocation and cost, they are more likely to have a better time when they can share the same theme, hobbies and even cultural activities as others on the same cruise. You might have heard of certain themed cruises such as Disney cruises, business style gatherings, ski clubs, political cruises, book publisher events, gay cruises, sport and hundreds of niche style cruises. They all have the same idea. They bring people together who share a similar hobby or agenda.

Black Cruises have exploded in recent years and have created such a high demand, that many cruises sell out. This has started fueling other agencies and groups to develop more sub niche style cruises in the African American Niche.

One event is called the “Festival At Sea” Cruise which started in 1992 and has been in business for 21 years. It is now the fastest selling black cruise event in the world. They sell out every single year. They have a family reunion type of theme and crowd. Over the last two years, they have sold out every cabin room within 3 weeks of making their announcement.

Another super popular theme is called the Fantastic Voyage Cruise put on by national radio personality Tom Joyner. This is a celebrity and musical themed cruise that brings in dozens of popular musical acts such as the O jay’s, Salt And Pepa, Fantasia and more. There are political, civic and religious leaders such as The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and many major leaders have been apart of this now legendary annual cruise. There are many sub niche African American cruises that are not as well known to the general public but serve their purpose of providing the correct entertainment and hobbies with the participants For more info plese visit here:- cruises booking
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* The One Love Gospel Cruise is an exciting 4 day super event that brings thousands of cruise participants together for a weekend of gospel entertainment, networking, fun and much more.

* Blacks Over 40 at Sea is the first and only cruise experience designed for participants 40 and over.

* A national Black Gay & Lesbian Pride Cruise just celebrated their 13th year.

* There are two major jazz cruises In January called the Smooth Jazz Cruise. They feature some of the world’s best artist in the jazz music market. It has become so popular that they have added an additional cruise on back to back weeks to make accommodations for thousands of participants who always were left out because the first ship sold out so well.


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