Common Energy Healing Responses

This past week I offered another Free Distant Healing to thousands of people and their pets around the globe. Each time we send energy to such a large group it seems there are more dramatic results and of course, some questions.

So I thought I would group the experiences and questions into categories and offer some insight from my two decades as an energy healer. Whether the responses seem positive or negative they are always beneficial, as Reiki or Life Force can do no harm, bunnydirectories and always seeks to balance us at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Pain or Discomfort Decreases

Of course this is the result many are hoping for, myself included. And I can honestly say this is the most common result. In the Reiki research data to date, this has been verified as well. After the Free Global Healing, one woman reported a sinus infection and headache cleared, another said her carpal tunnel pain diminished, and another saw her arthritic 15 year old dog walking much better and behaving more upbeat. Many felt a lightness and ease in their body they had never experienced before.

Mental and Intuitive Clarity Increases

As with pain relief, gaining more clarity is almost guaranteed with Reiki. It seems to clear the cobwebs of the mind, and most people report feeling lighter and clearer. One animal communicator reported that after a very deep sleep, the next morning she finally got clarity about a lost pet she had been working on that had been stumping her.

Many recipients reported that they had total clarity about an old pattern or wound that resurfaced, and they were able to really understand it on a deeper level. Awareness creates the ability to hold higher consciousness and helps us to more fully release and not repeat painful patterns.

Reiki Clears out the Emotional Closets

Several people noticed that they felt deep emotional wounds or negative feelings arise during or shortly after the healing session. This too can be quite normal though not as common. The healing energy goes to the core of the imbalance, which often is unexpressed or unprocessed emotions from our past hurts and traumas. For more info please visit these sites:-

So what happens is the increased life force that is flooding the person, like a strong current, will finally have the strength to dislodge some old rocks or logs in the stream. While often not the case, sometimes it seems necessary to re-experience at least a bit of them in order to become more aware, or to recognize that you are finally able to let them go.

Up and out I always say! Movement is positive even when it feels negative. From the healer’s perspective, it is GREAT when emotions get stirred up, as that always signals a deep clearing, and can often lead to profound shifts in consciousness, or higher degrees of health and wellbeing.

Unique Physical Sensations

Strange physical sensations, and discomfort in the body are not uncommon to experience as blocked energy begins to release. However it is normally quite short-lived, and once it does release most report that they feel so much better. Or that an old condition or pattern they experienced is resolved.

The two main areas this tends to occur most frequently is the head and the heart, our thinking and feeling centers. This can be in the form of a fuzzy or buzzy head or even headaches; or a heaviness or tightness in the chest. It is not that the healing energy is creating this but that it was energy that we had not been able to process fully or release, such as negative or heavy thoughts and emotions.


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