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Tennis is a game ball held between two players (singles) or two pairs (pairs game) with bat and ball in the open. Tennis is an Olympic sport played in many countries around the world. The game is also called “white sport”. The name “tennis” Old French – “! Tenez”; Hebrew “Hold!, Receive!”. The monks were the first who invented the game suited to their conceptual world halls were monasteries. 13th century – played with palm halls under the influence of special rules adapted religious concepts. Monks invented the game hands – Jeu de Paume prior to tennis.

More in the sixteenth century was greeted enthusiastically playing tennis courts of kings. Henry VIII of England was an enthusiast of this game. Tennis, spread in France, normzplumbing also came to Europe. Played mainly halls. Even kings and nobles played it in names like court tennis, royal tennis, real tenis. Duke of York (Prince James) playing tennis Royale (1622). The game also spread among the masses who played him in the streets Keep a lot of money, until the monarchy was forced to boycott the game.

AD One explanation lies in the special tennis games may be lucky, when people threw coins aged 15 – 30 – 40 – 60 Sue (the old French coin). 45 French accents on 2 words (Kront – Cinq) that interrupted the continuation and 60 was unnecessary because here was the winning pot. (Game = jeu). System clock may be affected too. There are also those who claim the contrary, to discourage the masses from the game Sglo complicated method of counting, but this hypothesis faint. Bat past incarnations began glove, short wooden racquets which gradually lengthened. The gut strings made of various materials and other animals.

Before 1962 the tennis industry is considered an amateur sport, tennis class Singapore in – in 1962 began a number of tennis players to become professionals and play tennis exhibition games in front of an audience who paid money for watching the games. Also, the most prestigious Grand Slam tournaments were tournaments for amateur players only and become a professional player was not allowed to participate in tournaments.

In 1968 trade rumors because of pressure amateur tennis players received money for their participation in the Grand Slam tournaments, reached the decision to institutionalize the idea of allowing open competition for all professional or amateur player to participate in prestigious tournaments. After determining the idea competition is open to the television broadcast began playing tennis, which soon became popular throughout the world. New Age also be world-class tennis players make a decent living from playing tennis through participation in major tournaments. The game played with a racket frame made of mild steel (previously prepared wooden frames) with a network of cord plastic tendons which pound the ball. Rubber ball made of flexible coated fabric called “Knapp” or “output”, the diameter of the ball is about 5 cm and its color is usually bright yellow. There is no time limit to  For more info please visit these sites:-

The game took place on a flat surface made of grass, clay, asphalt or rubber bounded by lines painted on the ground and form a rectangle. Length field is 23.77 meters, width varies: Individual game 8.23 m, while pairs of 10.97 yards per game. Network across the field at a height of 91.4 cm made of thin cloth hanging ropes on both sides of the court pages. When the game was held areas of the field pairs, add the areas of the field extend the area of the game. The game can be held in closed or open stadium.


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