Dog Health Suffers When Your Dog is Too Heavy – Learn How to Improve Your Dog’s Health and Have Fun!

Too much food and too little exercise are the primary causes of obesity in dogs, just like with humans. Obesity increases the disease risk for arthritis, heat intolerance, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and fatigue. In both humans and dogs that are greatly overweight, bitpapa lifespan is shortened.

By observing changes in your dog, you can see extra pounds early. Here are a few areas to check:


  • You should be able to feel the two pelvic bones when you gently run your hands over your dog’s hips.
  • You should be able to feel your dog’s ribs when you rub your hands along his sides without applying any pressure. On the other hand if you see the ribs or they are protruding, your dog is too thin.
  • Pinch the flesh at the side of the neck above the shoulder. Your dog is too heavy if your fingers are more than a half inch apart. furzly
  • Your dog’s abdomen should not be sagging.
  • Your dog should have a waist behind his ribs that you can see when you look down on him.

Make Healthy Changes to Prevent and/or Reduce Your Dog’s Obesity 

Your veterinarian should be able to provide igaming marketing you with a detailed exercise plan and diet suggestions. You can schedule regular follow-up visits to ensure the plan is working and to check for any problems that might show up.

Often dogs are smarter than people when it comes to not eating food “just because it is there.” We have had no problem providing food ‘free choice” to our dogs. We have two dogs that keep each other well exercised.  However, If your dog is too heavy, furzly you need to be sure that you feed your dog only the amount he needs.

Schedule extended exercise time that will help both you and your dog. Long walks are an excellent exercise that will benefit both spicecinemas you and your dog.  Your dog needs stimulation for exercise. Just being outside by himself will not usually provide enough activity for him.

Pay attention to the food that you provide your dog. Watch the fat and calorie content in the food you buy. I have written an article you can read at Diets for Healthy Dogs pg79th Don’t let your dog snack on table scraps. Neither you nor your dog should function as a garbage disposal.

For further information on dog health and safety, including first aid, disaster planning, and poisoning, including loads of detailed information on hazards to your dog’s safety and health, moneyrule check out “Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe.” It’s an absorbing guide that deals with all the subjects a responsible dog-owner could ever want to know about – well worth a look.


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