Is it Easy Promoting Local Offline Businesses That Go Online?

You might be asking yourself what is the big difference promoting something in a global market verses trying to promote a business online that you just need to rank above everyone in your city or maybe county? This is actually a great question. Most people just don’t realize that there are very substantial differences. We’ll go over some of the major differences in this article.

1.) Geographic Targeting – We have an Internet Retail Site that sells Poker Supplies. It actually does pretty well for the little bit of time we’ve spent promoting it. Since people can buy Poker Supplies and use them all over the world this means that it is a Global Market. While this sounds very appealing, nahls you have to understand that a market like this has hundreds of serious competitors all trying to get these customers.

2.) Poker vs. San Diego Lawyers – Lets say you are a San Diego Lawyer trying to get more clients on the Internet. While your customer base might not be global, you’re only competing County Wide for clients who can use your services. Which means statistically you might only be competing with a few people who know Search Engine Optimization real well, and maybe 10 others who know bits and pieces of the big picture. For example I typed in “poker” in Google and came up with 118,000,000 page results. I type in San Diego Lawyer in Google and get 31,600 results.

Which do you think would be easier to rank for? We usually can get on a page with these types of page results within a month or two, tipsjanbd and that’s being conservative. The truth is if you drill down and do your Keyword Research, I guarantee you can find dozens of much less competitive keyword phrases to rank on. But the term San Diego Lawyer isn’t that competitive at all, at least for us it isn’t.

And almost 98% of all Small Offline Business that need an online presence would have much less competition than this. Think about it. I randomly picked a very popular niche “Law” and a very large city “San Diego”. Chances are your business will be a lot easier to get a top Google Position than this. The key is not to sell globally, but to drill down and sell locally instead. Most of the time you’ll find your pot of gold right in your back yard. This example fits perfect with real estate agents and at least 3 dozen other niches I could spit off but don’t have room in this article.

If you want us to discuss with you if your Offline Business fits this criteria, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you free. There’s so much misinformation out there, Dog breeders and people make things so complicated these days, that we just love to keep people informed.


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